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    TOF units


      I am working in a database with another user in Team PCB that we need to have some of our matching rules in TOF and not thousands.  For some reason the other user is seeing things in pS (Pico Seconds) and I am seeing them in nS (Nano Seconds).  This is true whether I am in Stand Alone of even when we are in Team PCB I am seeing nS and Tom is seeing pS.  All of our specs are in pS and that is how I would like to see it. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

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          OK, This is straight forward. Be sure that in CM under Settings --> Display Units all members of Tem Design (everyone) have set Time in same unit (ns or ps)

          Once you have set the same unit it shall be the same with everyone. Do not forget to reload the whole design, it some time causes issue if you are not closing them and re-launching.

          Do not forget to do "Data --> Actuals --> Update All"