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Option to create calibre view

Question asked by on Nov 7, 2016

Hi Sir/Madam,
I am creating a calibre view for a cell. I created it successfully but when I check the result, I saw a issue need to fix. It affected my simulation result about timing. Detail:
+ Mosfet (m=20) has structure:

M1\@20 (M1\@20_d M1\@20_g M1\@20_s M1\@20_b) p18 w=1e-06 l=2.2e-07 as=1.8e-13 ad=1.8e-13 ps=1.36e-06 pd=1.36e-06 nrd=0.18 nrs=0.18 sa=8.7e-07 sb=4.93e-06 sd=0 m=1 nf=1
M1 (M1_d M1_g M1_s M1_b) p18 w=1e-06 l=2.2e-07 as=2.9e-13 ad=1.8e-13 ps=2.58e-06 pd=1.36e-06 nrd=0.18 nrs=0.29 sa=2.9e-07 sb=5.51e-06 sd=0 m=20 nf=1

Although I set the reset properties value is "m=1 mult=1 ng=1" but the created netlist still appears m=20.
Does have any different option to create exactly netlist? I want to have a cellview.cellmap reference for res/mos/cap. Please help me to answer this problem.