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    Insulation Layer Composite Text Repositioning


      When I am making changes to a harness, I get to a point where I want to re-run the calculations to ensure that all changes have been properly accounted for.  Note that I have already positioned most of the various pieces of text (in particular, text related to insulation) where I want them:

      Pre-Insulation Calculation.PNG

      After running the "Calculate Insulation Totals" function however, VeSys seems to do a "Force Apply Style" to every insulation run which creates an unreadable mess, forcing me to go back through and relocate every piece of text back where I want it:

      Post-Insulation Calculation.PNG

      A similar type of forced style application also takes place whenever I adjust an insulation branch with the Node Position Utility.


      In both cases, I would really appreciate not having this forced style application; I know where I want the text.  Editing the style will not fix all instances of this issue (because of the inherent nature of certain insulation runs).  Remembering to check every time I run a calculation is very time consuming and not reliable.  This issue has been present VeSys 2014 and 2015.  I would be interested in hearing what other options are available.