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    Call a component to the cursor


      I'm doing component placement and I'd like to call a component to the cursor to be place. Find only finds it and ss takes me to the component but I am placing components that are used together like C1, U1 , R1 bla bla.


      It seems like it would be much more efficient to stay in the circuit area that I'm  working on and just call the component I want to my cursor?


      Otherwise I'm wasting a huge amount of time scrolling back and forth or I have to select all the component that represent the circuit which also means having to find them first which is another huge waste of time.


      Is there a command that can call a component to my cursor so I can place it instantly?

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          David Ricketts

          The best way is to link the schematic to the PCB (from Logic, Tools>PADS Layout). Then while using the Move command in Layout, select the part on the schematic, and it will hop onto the cursor in Layout and you can place it. Or window a group of components on the schematic, right click in Layout, and use Move Sequential.


          If your schematic isn't in Logic, you can probably import it, and the link will still work.


          You can also use Project Explorer or Find in Layout. While the Move command is active, select the part name from the list, and it'll hop onto the cursor.

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            We don't seem to have Logic :-( and we use orcad but I found I could do this, see photo, and then use "move sequentially" although it's faster that finding and moving but still very slow as well, seems like they should have a command that cc "component to cursor" so it would be something like cc c1 and it would pop to your cursor.


            This method seems to work ok just kind of slow compared to other tools



            Thanks for the suggestion though, I'm sure if that works that would totally be the way to go if logic can import orcad files.

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              David Ricketts

              I don't know what version you're using, but Logic is now a separate download and install. You might want to check your licensing. Even if you're off maintenance, if it's part of your package, you're entitled to the version that matches your Layout.


              I use OrCAD too, and import it into Logic just for placement and cross-probing.  It works well enough with some caveats. There are lots of import warnings, and text and label justifications and locations gets screwed up a lot, but it's just a temporary file, so they can be ignored. Periods in net names get changed to underscores, so those don't cross-probe correctly unless you change the name in Logic.


              I missed this before because I don't use the SS command (because I'm not a fan of typing), but it does work like you want. Just start the Move command first (verb mode), then type SS <ref des>.

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                I have one more step for you to try. SS will move curser to component and you can grab more than one. Control E begins move. ALT P jumps back to last window position. I find this fastest for group placement. While group is selected you can also right mouse click and rotate group around a given center.

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                  If you enter the Move Mode first by clicking on the Move icon in the Design toolbar and you use the SS modeless command  like SS C1 the specified component will jump to your current cursor location. When you are not in a Move Mode and you use the SS modeless command your cursor jumps to the component's location instead.

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                    Fantastic that is exactly what is needed thanks!!!!