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Mentor Calibre LVS usage with Sonnet Components

Question asked by megaknaller on Nov 10, 2016

Hi all,


I work with Cadence Virtuoso and use Calibre to perform LVS check on my designs. I unfortunately have problems when running an LVS analysis on a schematic which contains a multiport passive structure that I simulated with Sonnet. In the schematic I typically use the created "symbol-sonnet" view and in Layout view I simply insert the component layout. When running LVS directly I always get an error "Schematic failed to export". The workaround that I use to get pass this error is: I create an additional "schematic" view for my passive component in which I place as many ports as my structure has, and interconnect them through ideal resistances trying to follow a physical path order. This solution overcomes the problem as long as the placed component in Layout does not interconnect 2 different labels (e.g. imagine an input which first component is a short-circuit stub, here the label IN and GND/VSS! would be on both extremes of a component). In this case I typically get either a Stamping problem or an error like "Two labels on different nets. Label XY assigned to net XY". 


So as a general question I would like to know how to deal with this problem? How should I proceed when I have sonnet components in my design and want to run an LVS. A non-optimal solution is to create an additional layout without the sonnet components but just for LVS running purposes but I would like to avoid this in order to keep the libraries as clean as possible.


Many thanks for your reply.