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    Variant Manager Weird Display


      I have just upgraded xDX Designer from 1.2 to 2, and I have been using Windows 10 all along. Everything was OK previously. Now the variant manager displays the table with the row heights much smaller than the heading, so that only the top half of the text is displayed. Other people in our organization do not have this issue. I played around with display resolutions and scaling but to no avail. I also see this when I search, where just the search entry row is too small for the text.


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          With some help from Mentor, this is resolved.


          It can be fixed in Windows 7 & 10, but my explanation is based on 10.


          * Right click the desktop and select Display Settings.

          * Note the comments in red that state that you may need to sign out of Windows to make the settings stick. This fix requires it.

          * The size of the text must be less than 200%. I set it to 100%. Mentor support running with Windows 7 says it works with small and medium size but not large. To compensate I set the screen resolution smaller.

          * I was originally trying this on my extended displays, but it needed to be done on my laptop screen. The extended displays are still set to their original maximum resolution with 200% text scaling.

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            Thanks for posting what you found out! That's really helpful.