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Library read only

Question asked by michel.boettner on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by tjohnston

Hello together,


I got a problem with my library, that i cant figure out.


When i open my symbol library via dx-designer im able to edit / copy my symbols, all seems to be normal.

But when i open my library via expedition to edit my cells, i seems to be in a read only mode and im not allowed to edit / copy my cells.


Whenever i try to do this, i get this massage: "The Cell Partition 'xy' is write locked. The partition will be opened Read Only"


I already tried to find a solution via google / search in this mentor forum, but without any succes.


edit: some days ago, it worked without any problems and i guess i changed nothing since the last time i edited any cells in my lib.


Could someone help me out with this?