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PDB deleted automatically

Question asked by pnadeau on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by samantha_lizak

Hi folks,

At the beginning of a PEX run for a new cell in Calibre Interactive, I see a message that my PDB from a previous run (for an unrelated cell) is deleted.




Verifying the source netlist is complete before starting the run

Deleting PHDB CELL_B.phdb

Deleting XDB CELL_B.xdb


Deleting PDB CELL_A.pdb


Deleting template directory


I am running PEX on CELL_B, so it makes sense that the phdb and xdb for this cell are deleted.  But why does it delete the pdb for CELL_A?  Is there a setting to disable this? My workaround is currently to set a new run or svdb directory for each cell so that I can go back and look at previous parasitics.  But there must be a better way...


Thanks in advance,