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Empty part name beeing assigned part number after annotation

Question asked by falco_arvoo on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by falco_arvoo

Hello all,


I'm using PADS Professional and having some strange issues. When forward annotating, components with an empty Part Name property get assigned the Part Number property. Even more strange, the Part Name property is made visible in the schematic, while in both the xDX Databook and the schematic symbol editor the property Part Name is made invisible for those specific components (generic resistors, capacitors etc).


1. How can I avoid the Part Name property value beeing assigned the Part Number property value?


2. How can I avoid the Part Name property beeing visible after annotation, while the default for that component is invisible in Databook and Schematic Editor? This doesn't occur with components already assigned a Part Name, it then keeps the already assigned Part Name and it's visibility status.



Thanks in advance,