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    Visual Basic tool in Xpedition VX.1.2


      I have started using Xpedition VX.1.2 for few months now.


      I opened few already-created scripts (vbs files) under xPCB Layout and I could not find a way to step-in, step-over, watch a variable, etc.

      When I add a breakpoint or there is an error (let's say a typo I made), I get this "just-in-time debugging" window with a "new instance of Microsoft Script Editor" as a possible debugger (and the only one, I must add).

      If I select it, then I get a Microsoft Script Editor message: "cannot create Application Data folder"

      So, basically, my debugging process is cut short.


      Until now I have written a lot of scripts (of easy and medium complexity, most of them customized reports as text files) in PADS' Sax Engine Visual Basic and I had everything I needed inside PADS.

      It looks to me the Scripting environment inside xPCB Layout, and I might be wrong here, is very rudimentary.


      How do you guys feel about it? Am I way off base here?

      Should I give up using it all together and look for something else?


      Thank you,

      Sorin Stefan

      Evertz Microsystems, Ontario, Canada


      PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all American members  :-)

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          I recommend vb.net.  Here's a thread with an automation template with everything you need to get started with all the Xpedition flow tools - DxDesigner, Xpedition, Fablink, and Drawing Editor.


          vb.net is vastly more flexible and powerful than any of the vbscript variants.  Caveat is that it's not officially supported by Mentor, but there are countless examples of how to do things on the web and somebody here has probably encountered every situation you'll ever run into interfacing with the Mentor tools, and we're glad to help out. 

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            I use the debugger in Microsoft Excel and load the Xpedition Type Library.  I outline the steps and example in:



            You can add watches, breakpoints, strong typing/command completion....  It gives you the how to take that and make a regular .vbs script or add your code to a form.