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Visual Basic tool in Xpedition VX.1.2

Question asked by Sorin-Stefan on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by kendall_hiles

I have started using Xpedition VX.1.2 for few months now.


I opened few already-created scripts (vbs files) under xPCB Layout and I could not find a way to step-in, step-over, watch a variable, etc.

When I add a breakpoint or there is an error (let's say a typo I made), I get this "just-in-time debugging" window with a "new instance of Microsoft Script Editor" as a possible debugger (and the only one, I must add).

If I select it, then I get a Microsoft Script Editor message: "cannot create Application Data folder"

So, basically, my debugging process is cut short.


Until now I have written a lot of scripts (of easy and medium complexity, most of them customized reports as text files) in PADS' Sax Engine Visual Basic and I had everything I needed inside PADS.

It looks to me the Scripting environment inside xPCB Layout, and I might be wrong here, is very rudimentary.


How do you guys feel about it? Am I way off base here?

Should I give up using it all together and look for something else?


Thank you,

Sorin Stefan

Evertz Microsystems, Ontario, Canada


PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all American members  :-)