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    Adding BGA




      I am wondering how to add a new BGA in the central library for example BGA with 292 pins in the central library. One way is to create a new cell in library manager, define padstack for each of 292 pins in cell editor and in parallel make a new symbol for DxDesigner. Finally connect the cell and symbol by creating a new part in library manager. But working with 292 pins is a lot of work. Is there any efficient way to add new BGA part / package for ADC12D1800 ? 



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          Not a specific answer, but looking at the datasheet for your part, TI provide cad model information.

          Download Ultra Librarian and download the file from the TI website.

          Never used this myself, but could be a good starting point, even if afterwards you need to go into the mentor library and amend to suit your specific requirements.

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            Thanks for reply. Is there direct way to import CAD files directly in Library Manager in PCB Expedition ?