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Connector part creation: Auto-increment of block value upon placement

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by robert_davies

I have been trying to create multi-pin connector parts with the pin number definition in the symbol defined as [1:nnn] where nnn is the number of pins. There is a sample project which uses the same syntax. When you select this part from the databook and place it in the schematic, the pin numbers should start from 1 and increment as you place. For the part I created, the symbol value and the block value just show [1:120] and do not increment. I can manually set the pin number which then causes the block value to change. One difference I see is that in the Part Information dialog box, Connector tab, the sample project has an entry for every pin. For my part, there is only one entry. If I try to add additional entries, I can only add 10 before the Add button gets grayed out. The screenshots below show both:

PADS Router 26PIN part, 113016.pngPADS Router BBA part, 113016.png

I'm still fairly new to PADS and DX. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!