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xDx Designer text alignment

Question asked by john15 on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by robert_davies

I can not figure out how to align text.


My fixed width font is Consolas (slashed zeroes are valuable to me). My schematic grid is 0.05000 in, my text size is 0.100 in. All of my symbols are designed such that part outlines and pins land on-grid with a 0.100 in grid pitch. This should make for a beautifully dull and predictable schematic.


For resistors, I usually want my designator above my part value, left aligned, and on grid. The problem is to achieve this I have to, by trial-and-error, select a text origin that seemingly has no rhyme or reason. So far, either "Lower Left" OR "Lower Right". Sometimes, both the designator and component value will behave with low left, sometimes they both like low right, and sometimes I have to select one of each. The underlying symbol is the same for the cases described so I can only guess there is a hidden variable or bug. Can't find the hidden variable.


For ICs, the alignment problem is magnified by the rectangularness of the symbols. Text has effectively random indents. It's hideous and laborious.


Yep, read the help files. Also found the 2013 forum post about zoom levels breaking text alignment and disappointing printer results. Neither helped. What am I missing?