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Central library pin number mismatch

Question asked by gkasprow on Dec 8, 2016


I use company database Altium libraries under Expedition.

I just translate symols and footprints, the database can be used as it is.

The only problem is with PDBs that have different number of pins in symbol and in cell.

Altium doesn't complain that unused cell pins are not present in symbol.

But after translation of the component library it does not mark them as not connected.

I have hundreds of such components.

Is there a way to automatically assign not mapped pins as not connected?

The library after translation is complete with all cells, symbols and PDBs in place, but neither cell nor symbol can be edited.

I cannot even add pins to the symbol because it is already assigned to the PDB.

I cannot mark unused pins bacause then I loose pin assignment -  it says that pin number differs.

I tried advanced library editor - there is an option "Heal PDB" - add NC pins but doesn't work in this case.

Any idea how to manage it?