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Removing sambols and parts from MGCxDXIOPT - Dx DataBook

Question asked by expertengr on Dec 20, 2016

I am wondering how to remove Symbols and Parts from MGCxDXIOPT. Even if I remove all MGCxDXIOPT files from the following two locations I still see Symbols and Parts in MGCxDXIOPT in  Dx DataBook.


E:\Program_Files\X-ENTPVX.1.1_ESDM.ix64\EEVX.1.1\SDD_HOME\standard\templates\hyperlynx analog\Central Library\HLASym_CentralLibrary\PartsDBLibs

E:\Program_Files\X-ENTPVX.1.1_ESDM.ix64\EEVX.1.1\SDD_HOME\standard\templates\hyperlynx analog\Central Library\HLASym_CentralLibrary\SymbolLibs


I have also removed MGCxDXIOPT symbols and parts from central library and created a new project but sill MGCxDXIOPT symbols and parts are present in MGCxDXIOPT folders in Dx DataBook. Any idea how to remove them ?