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Installation of M3DL canceled

Question asked by bollenberg on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by yu.yanfeng

Hello at all,


I'm just going the first steps with the Xpedition VX0.1 and its 3D-implementation.


If I'm right, the idea of M3DL is a central 3D-Library which provides the 3D-data for the several pcb-designs of Xpedition PCB.


Therefor I start to install the M3DL by invoking the setup of M3DL_win64. During this routine, the "M3DL Database Installer" appears and requests the installation settings:


After confirmation by pushing "Start", the following massage appears: "Provided password is incorrect."


I have no idea for the reason of this massage. The installation is then aborted. Have anybody an idea?