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    Fill Width Gerber Warning


      I am getting a warning I have never gotten, and not sure why I am getting it.  When I generate gerbers on the top and bottom layers, I get 'Fill width too large for accurate pad fills.  (fill width = 10, pad width = 19.69).'  See attachment.



      1) I have never gotten this warning before, AND I have been doing test gerber runs on the current board (the one that is now getting the warning), and it did NOT get this warning earlier.  I have added a couple of new comps since then, but nothing that has very small pads, so I don't get why it suddenly sees an issue.


      2) Despite this warning, as far as I can tell (doing comparison measurements with the board vs the gerbers), the gerbers and the gerbered pads all look just fine, despite this new warning I am getting.  As far as I can tell, I can ignore the warning, but I want to understand what is causing it.


      3) I have pads (and did before when I did not get the warning) that are 9 mils x 25 mils, and it does not list a 9 mil pad width as a problem, but does list a 19.69 mil pad width as a problem.  I don't get that.


      4) Under 'Photo Plotter Setup' inside CAM, all the system generated D-Codes have a 'fill width' of 10.  I have never messed with changing the defaults on this screen on any other board (or on this one), and have never had a problem with this kind of warning before.


      5) Doesn't the gerber routine fill in with a smaller aperture size automatically if the default fill width of 10 is too large?


      6) I added a comp that has slots on it, and have never had a comp using slots before.  The pad size of the slots is not 19.69 width, but could it be a slot pad issue?


      Am I safe to ignore and proceed?




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          Hi Randy

          You need to change the Fill Width setting in Photo Plotter Setup.

          I guess it currently says 10 for your setup.

          I always use 1




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            Thanks Klaus. 
            That was my only solution too, but there are D10 thru D387 auto generated D-Codes, ALL of them with generic fill width of 10.  I can highlight them all at once and change them to 1 or 2 mils (isn't 1 too small, guessing it will make the fill size too big?).

            However, is changing them ALL the correct answer?  I have no idea which one is causing the problem.

            I have never needed to change a generic system generated fill width previously in gerbering about 50 boards.  Why now?




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              Was looking at some old PCBs and their CAM setup, and all of them also auto-generated D-Codes all using the same generic 10 mil fill width.  Not sure why this new board all the sudden has an issue with the fill width (this same board did not have this issue a week ago either).



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                Maybe it can also be related to the number of digits defined in the Photo Plotter Advanced Setup?

                I am not sure if the Photo Plotter Advanced Settings is saved in the .pcb file or in system files. Maybe the generic setup in your PADS system has changed?


                However - when I used mil settings in PADS I always used 1 mil fill width. Maybe the filesize is increased, but that is not a problem.

                Now we have a metric setup in our designs. We now use 0.01mm fill width.

                You can just delete all the existing D-codes, set fill width to 1 and the run the Gerber documents.



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                  Thanks Klaus, that seems to have fixed it!