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Fill Width Gerber Warning

Question asked by rflowers on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by rflowers

I am getting a warning I have never gotten, and not sure why I am getting it.  When I generate gerbers on the top and bottom layers, I get 'Fill width too large for accurate pad fills.  (fill width = 10, pad width = 19.69).'  See attachment.



1) I have never gotten this warning before, AND I have been doing test gerber runs on the current board (the one that is now getting the warning), and it did NOT get this warning earlier.  I have added a couple of new comps since then, but nothing that has very small pads, so I don't get why it suddenly sees an issue.


2) Despite this warning, as far as I can tell (doing comparison measurements with the board vs the gerbers), the gerbers and the gerbered pads all look just fine, despite this new warning I am getting.  As far as I can tell, I can ignore the warning, but I want to understand what is causing it.


3) I have pads (and did before when I did not get the warning) that are 9 mils x 25 mils, and it does not list a 9 mil pad width as a problem, but does list a 19.69 mil pad width as a problem.  I don't get that.


4) Under 'Photo Plotter Setup' inside CAM, all the system generated D-Codes have a 'fill width' of 10.  I have never messed with changing the defaults on this screen on any other board (or on this one), and have never had a problem with this kind of warning before.


5) Doesn't the gerber routine fill in with a smaller aperture size automatically if the default fill width of 10 is too large?


6) I added a comp that has slots on it, and have never had a comp using slots before.  The pad size of the slots is not 19.69 width, but could it be a slot pad issue?


Am I safe to ignore and proceed?