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Multicore O.D. derived from inner multicores?

Question asked by milkcrate on Jan 14, 2017



I have a weird situation where my company will be purchasing vendor cables and harnesses and using them as components for our harnesses. I have been entering these vendor cables into the Vesys library as multicore wires. This works fine for all the cables because i can measure the OD and the inner build up of the multicore doesn't really matter.

I ran into trouble when trying to add a harness in the same way. The harness has 2 branches so essentially it is two multicores. The two options that i thought of are 1) adding the OD together and 2) adding the CSA together creating a sudo diameter. My attachments illustrate what i mean and show the draw backs.


So what i want to do is define my multicore OD by the OD of the inner cores. Is this possible? I am not very confident that this is possible though because i'm essentially trying to enter a harness into the library as a cable.