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Linesim Link - Export to Hyperlynx not selectable

Question asked by l.schimmel on Jan 18, 2017

Hello everyone,


I am just getting to know Hyperlynx SI and wanted to import a Net from an existing PCB into Linesim. In order to do that, I right-clicked on the net in xDX Designer and selected Linesim Link. As you can see in the screenshot "Export to Hyperlynx" is not selectable. The only common issue that I could find in the Internet was that the Hyperlynx installation could be missing but both programs were installed on the same day. I use Hyperlynx 9.3 Update 1 and xDX Designer VX.1.1. The directory for the programs is C:/Mentor Graphics. Restarting the programs did not work.


Do you have any suggestions on how to import the nets into hyperlynx?