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    Change DxDatabook settings


      Is there a way to set "Ignore system decimal sign settings and use:" through Automation?

      We like to unify user settings for value delimiter. Some use "," some ".", thats what we want to avoid.

      I havent seen something in DxD Automation Reference that would help.

      Maybe someone here?


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          No, there is no way to do that with automation. I was thinking you might be able to edit the .dbc file instead, but I checked and it does not appear that they store that bit of information in the dbc file.


          I'm a little curious why you'd want to automate something that involves one click and a character typed in.  Unless you are changing the configuration frequently . . .   This seems a lot more like a set it and forget it kind of thing that might happen every couple years or so at most. In my mind this does not fall into the category of being worth the time investment of creating an automation tool.  Maybe I'm missing something.

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            We have ~120 users worldwide that do schematic entry. We saw designs with mixed delimiters in the past that causes issues in reportings - not a good idea for common projects in different regions.

            Since this setting is set in dbc file, so we will make sure that all users use the same config.

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              You are correct - that is in fact stored in the .dbc file:


              UseCustomDecimalSign="0" DecimalSign="."


              I had made the change in the configuration and looked for the file to get a new saved date, and it did not, so I (incorrectly) assumed it had not been changed.  I just searched the file and found the above line.


              You have the right idea - make sure every design is pointed to the same .dbc file.  That will fix the problem.