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Search for non-common properties

Question asked by Dennis_K on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by robert_davies

Hi everybody,


we recently had a problem with non-common properties in DxDesigner VX.2. There were multiple parts containing one or more non-common properties.

I found an old "property delete and readd" efm form here in the community. This was my starting point to write a script for searching and readding all properties on all parts of the design. As you could imagine the script is incredibly slow and takes about 30 minutes for a hierarchical design with 3000 parts.

On the other hand the search function of DxDesigner provide an blazing fast option to search for non-common properties in the design. But as I choose to select all results and delete their selected non-common properties via the properties window, nothing happens. After deleting the properties they are still on the affected parts when I select them afterwards :-(

For my script I'm wondering if there is a scripting option to check if an attribute is flagged as non-common? Or are there any other indicators for non-common properties that we can check? My goal is to only delete/readd the non-common properties not all properties I can find on a part?

What is the big difference between the search function of DxDesigner and scripts? Why is it so much faster? Are there any methods to speed up my script beside Application.Visible = False?


Looking forward for your answers, kind regards,