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Numbering pins vs using the PDB to number pins

Question asked by kirbstone on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by robert_davies

I'm interested in knowing if people are adding the pin numbers to the symbol pins as they are designing them or are they using the PDB to number the symbol pins.

For us the PDB is the driver for pin numbering which is nice if it's a cap, resistor, Opamp or some other part which can be configured differently but when I do a BGA I want to add the pin numbers to the symbols, especially if they are fractured into four or six symbols. I think that by numbering the pins on the symbol it helps prevent pin numbering errors before it gets to the PDB.

Is the PDB best used for slotting symbols?

Is there a sort of line in the sand that says if symbols like opamps can be configured differently use the PDB but for symbols like BGA's number the pins on the symbol and import them into the PDB or is this just a users preference?

Thanks for your comments.