PADS Layout Customize Toolbar Dialog Box Missing - Off-screen - Dual Monitors

Discussion created by dgroen on Feb 3, 2017

This is a fix for a problem we encountered in PADS Layout 9.3.1 when used with Dual Monitors.


This is a cross-post to an unanswered 2014 post in the Schematic section.


One of my guys has lost the "Tools" item in the menu in PADS Layout on his Win 10 PC.  It's not a problem on my Win 10 PC.


It looks like he inadvertently deleted the Tools item from the Menu Toolbar.

We attempted to fix it by right-clicking in the toolbar area and hit "Customize" but it didn't work.

The Customize dialog box is supposed to open but was not on the screen. 

We couldn't even close PADS after that.  We had to kill it from Task Manager.


He tried re-installing.  He tried using all my *.ini files.  Neither worked.

He said that a Windows 10 update switched his monitors.  (That is probably what caused the Customize Dialog Box to disappear.)


Neither the Menu toolbar nor the Customize Toolbar positioning info is stored in the *.ini files as determined by comparing before & after *.ini files..


I also did a before & after comparison on the HKCU/Software/Mentor Graphics registry entry.  That held both items.

Customize Toolbar Dialog Box position
is stored at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Mentor Graphics\PADS9_3_1\PADS Layout\Workspaces\ENU\Default\dialogs

          CustomizeDlg   REG_SZ = 557;226;982;572   (My values)


I suspect that the 4 entries correspond to the (position in pixels) of:

          Top X Position

          Top Y Position

          Bottom X Position

          Bottom Y Position

My guy's settings had X values (1st & third values) of 2000+ --- well beyond the number of pixels for his monitor / adapter, but well within the range of a window extended over dual monitors.


Fix for Customize Dialog Box Position:

We exported the registry from my PC and imported it into his.  The Customize dialog box magically appeared!

(We probably could have just hand-edited the value of the registry entry...)


Fix for Missing Tools item in Menu Bar:

We could now fix the missing Tools item in the Menu Bar:

Right-Click on the toolbar ribbon.    :

    Customize / Toolbars & Menus tab / Reset Button.

He's now back in business.


For PADS Logic 9.3.1, I found a similar registry entry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Mentor Graphics\PADS9_3_1\PADS Logic\Workspaces\ENU\Default\dialogs

           CustomizeDlg   REG_SZ =


The locations may vary with different versions of PADS.


As always, don't mess with the registry unless you know what you're doing.


It would be a nice fix if Mentor did a bounds check on windows / dialog box positions against the maximum number of X & Y pixels for the current monitor(s) / video adapter.  They could then re-position the window / dialog box into the center of the screen.