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    Transmission line type


      Using Hyperlynx LineSim, I want to select my transmission line type to be a Coplanar Wave type but this option is not available. How do i simulate this type of transmission line?

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          If you have hyperlynx 9.0 or later you can do this with the stackup type:

          • Set Transmission-Line Type to stackup
          • Go to [edit coupling regions]
          • Click Add Ref. conductor
          • Select type (half) plane or trace
            • For trace: set X positon & width
            • For plane: select signal trace and set the trace to plane clearances to what you need
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            Thanks for your reply .In my application I have copper on both sides of the transmission line so adding the ‘sold plane’ reference conductor seems the most appropriate.

            I was recommended to use an impedance calculator from Saturn PCB Design Inc. Using this calculator I cannot get it to match the calculations from Hyperlynx as shown in the attached picture. For a 50 Ohm transmission line Hyperlynx calculates the trace width to be 14.35mils. Using this trace width in the Saturn calculator it calculates an impedance of 53.86 Ohms. I've tried the other reference conductors but I cannot get the two calculators to agree. Which should I trust?