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Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express and VX.2.1 64bits

Question asked by ece738eb-4fb3-81db-0100-0105d3b61067 on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by ece738eb-4fb3-81db-0100-0105d3b61067

Dear all,


Up to now, I have used Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express to develop a lot of scripts for EE7.9.4 tools (32bits version).


We plan to upgrade from EE7.9.4  (32bits) to EE VX.2.1  (64bits).

If I well understood, this update  implies that I update all the COM reference declared in my Visual Basic projects.


When I try to open my Visual Basic projects on the computer on which is installed the VX.2.1 tools(64bits):

- all 32bits COM references are lost (e.g.: viewdraw) : it’s normal.

- I can only add the «MGCPCB (AutoActive series)Type Library» COM references : why?

- others COM references like «viewdraw» are not seen.


Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Am I in a wrong way to proceed?


Thanks for your help.