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Add a blind via with a script in Xpedition (vx1.2)

Question asked by on Feb 9, 2017
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Hi folks...

I'm writing a script for Xpedition VX1.2 in which the script searches for blind/buried spans within the design that can be reduced.... for instance I have a 22 layer design that uses 2-11, 12-21, and 2-21 buried spans.  I have a script that analyzes and finds 2-21 spans that can be changed to a 2-11 where connections do not exist above layer 11.  I'm not seeing methods in the automation interface that allow either changing the span of an existing via, or deleting the 2-21 and replacing with a 2-11.  For that matter I don't see a method of adding a via with a particular span to begin with. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place?  Can anyone shed some light on this?