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    Adding new Logic Families To Parts


      Hi all,

         I have to add some new logic families for some parts in our library.

      After adding new logic families and prefixes in the part editor of our central library all looks OK on my computer.

      However other users do not share the new families.

      After some research I found that this info is stored not in the central library that everyone shares, but is added to the

      PowerPCB.ini file which is local for all users.


      Has anyone noticed this problem and how did you update all the other users with the new logic family information?

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          I thought I would have an answer to this problem by now. Maybe this is not the correct place for my question?

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            Yes - it is the right place for the question.


            As far as I know there is no built-in functionality in PADS Logic to handle this. However you have a couple of posibilities.

            1) Instruct the other PADS users to modify the [Logic_Family_List] section of the powerlogic.ini file on their computer.

                New families can also be created by using the Part Editor:


                 In the axample above I add a 'ZEN' family and assign the Prefix 'Z'.


            2) Instruct the other PADS users what to do when they encounter the 'Component AlphaPrefix for new part-type' question when adding a part to the schematic.



            3) Setup somekind of script that synchronizes the [Logic_Family_List] section of your powerlogic.ini to the other PADS users .ini file.

            Actually this is the solution we have at my company.

            Each time the user restarts the computer a new powerlogic.ini file is generated setting all the standard information and values.

            This way we all use the same settings and libraries.




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              Thanks for your answer.

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                I am using PADS 2.2 with Integrated Flow and I have discovered the same issue. It is really annoying to have such a dependency on a Central Library... Does anyone from Mentor found a way to fix it automatically?