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    Startup file


      Beginner in Pads and have a question. I read it somewhere but can not find it, how to reuse a startup file, with all definitions from a previous pcb design.




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          1) Setup your design as needed.

          2) Select 'File > Save As Start-up file...'. It is normally being placed in the \Settings\ directory.

          3) If you afterwards select 'File > New' then the new start-up file should be visible in the 'Set Start-up File' dialog. It works pretty well.


          Note that you cannot save an entire design into a start-up file.Only a few specific settings can be saved:



          Regards Klaus

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            Hi Klaus,


            Thanks for the answer. I think this is it. Basically I don't need traces, vias and parts as a new start-up. I will try it later today.


            Thanks again,