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    Text Issues with Connectors And Pins In Design


      Hi All,


      Now finding out that the only way you can have a link plug in design, to correctly import into harness, is to have every connector labled with its mating half. So where as we used to call a connector "BC161" we now have to call it "BC161M" and its female half "B161F".

      Now there is a bigger problem.


      1. Only the Male half is displayed correctly on the drawing i.e "BC161M-1" The female half shows "BC161F". So the total display is "BC161M-1 BC161F" Where is the -1 for the female half?
      2. Also, now the code has increased from "BC161-1" to "BC161M-1 BC161F", this is way to long to fit on drawings. Is there no way to wrap the text so it would show, if all was correct, "BC161M-1"






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          Hi Carl,


          1. You probably have the option for displaying the Pin ID on both halves switched off, if you go to the configuration editor you can switch it on.

          2. There isn't an easy way around this, you could add the inline name as a Custom Property and switch it on although this is manual peice of text.  A lot of customers do display this level of detail without any problems and because I haven't seen how you layout your schematics it's difficult to advise further on this one.

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            The txt is way to long for the drawings and without it, VeSys wont work without it in the male and female half. I dont want the detail on the drawing but I understand we have to have it for the import to work as VeSys can not tell the difference between the two ends of a connector so adds the a link wire on say the male side of a connector, on to the female side on a harness drawing.