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Performing Parasitic Extraction on a Layout which Contains an ADS Momentum Cell

Question asked by baltacican on Mar 6, 2017
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Firstly, I use the following versions of the tools:


Calibre nmLVS 2016.2_39.29

Calibre Quantus QRC

ADS 2012.08


My goal is to perform RC extraction on a layout (let’s say myLayout) that contains an inductor cell which is characterised with Momentum simulations. myLayout contains also other components like MOSFETS, resistors etc.

I simulate the integrated inductor with ADS Momentum and create the simulator cell views. Then I perform LVS on myLayout by providing a BOX rule file. Like that, the inductor is seen as a box. The LVS works without any problem on myLayout. However, I am not sure about the parasitic extraction with Calibre - Quantus QRC. In my opinion, the inductor cell should be blocked during the parasitic extraction since it is already extracted by ADS simulation. Then the model provided by ADS should be included in the extracted view created by Calibre QRC extraction. However, I am not sure how to perform this. I am not even sure if what I have in my mind is the best and known flow for the case I am having.

Could you please help me and provide the correct flow of this problem?


Thank you very much in advance.


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