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    Braided Loom Harness Length errors


      We have a few harnesses that are built in-house, but sent out to a 3rd party vendor to have a braided loom covering applied instead of our standard Split Convoluted Conduit.  To keep the connectors in the correct locations (bundle breakouts), we apply electrical tape to simulate the bundles (spaced every 12" or so)  to aid the vendor in knowing how to apply the braid.  These cables had been designed using our Pre-VeSys method (AutoCAD sketch with a user-generated BOM).


      After generating the cable in Design and Harness, there have been difficulties getting the bundle lengths to match the print after braiding.  Wire length add-ons have been added in Components to the connectors and splices.  Is the braiding creating enough tension to shorten the wires anywhere from 2-3" in some locations?  We haven't had this problem with cables using conduit.

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          Hi Brad,


          Have you tried measuring a Harness before braiding to see if the braiding process is having an effect?  I'd be interested to hear if it did.


          Is the drawing is printing to the correct size?  If not you might want to check you haven't got the 'round dimensions' switched on.


          You are probably aware that you can change the wire cutting length tolerances what you may not know if that you could create another 'VeSys Configuration' that enables you to swap between different sets of tolerances.




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            Pre-braiding measurements have been off a little, but I think that may be resolved after adding an add-on for splices.  We tried round-offs in the past, but turned it off as it was rounding up for curves in the bundles.  (I'd add curves to get the harness to fit within our print borders and bundle breakouts that should've been the same length were coming out with different lengths due to the bends.

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              I definately wouldn't recommend using 'Round Dimensions' because it creates more problems that it solves, I think it was a feature that was used a long time ago before it was as easy to create a scaled drawing as it is now.