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    DxDesigner: Get name of active board



      I want to find out the board name of the active board.

      I tried following:


      But with this call, I only get a list of all designs but not of the currently opened design.

      Has anyone an idea how to realize that?

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          you can get this with application.GetActiveDesign()


          Here is an example with some extra checks:


          Dim vdapp : Set vdapp = application
          Dim RootName,DesignName


          Call main


          Sub Main

          DesignName = vdapp.GetActiveDesign()
          Dim IcdbCount : IcdbCount = vdapp.GetProjectData.GetiCDBDesigns.Getcount

          if LEN(DesignName) = 0 then
            if IcdbCount > 1 then
             Msgbox "No design selected. (Project contains multiple boards)" & vbnewline & "Set a sheet from the required design as the active view.",0+16
            elseif IcdbCount = 0 then
             Msgbox "No design selected." & vbnewline & "(Project does not contain ICDB designs)",0+16 'VX uses Dxdesigner application as symbol editor
             Msgbox "No design selected." & vbnewline & "(Failed to get active design)" ,0+16 'unknown error
            end if
            exit sub 'don't execute code
            msgbox DesignName
            RootName = Vdapp.GetProjectData().getiCDBDesignRootBlock(DesignName)
          end if

          '.. code here

          end sub

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            thank you for the quick answer, that was what I have been looking for.