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Sharing simulation and PCB design in same project

Question asked by tomsan on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by robert_davies

I am trying to do simulation for a Board containing one schematic.

This board is connected to Drive source with a long cable. This cable has equivalent circuit that can be drawn as schematic.


How do I arrange my simulation so that board schematic and cable schematic are both included in the simulation where as board design flow only sees board schematic.


In short how do we manage design flow when some virtual parts are only for simulation and not included in the board design without have to create two separate project for board and simulation?


Also in the board schematic if I want to add a virtual passive part to represent parasitic for simulation that has no physical existence for board design. Can I do it and mask its visibility to board design? Ideally a object property with choice - ignore in PCB or short it in PCB will be very handy.


I understand I can add parasitic to simulation models of the parts but then I loose graphic visibility to my work.


Any help is appreciated.