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    Fonts for Ref-Des




      Xpedition VX1.2

      When we create silkscreen gerber files, the ref-des are not exactly identical as we see them in the layout.

      I assume they are not "translated" or mapped correctly from layout to gerbers.

      What font type or settings does one use to get a what-you-see-is-what-you-get outcome in gerbers?


      We have a similar problem with assembly ref-des.

      When we print out, in Extended Print, the assembly to a PDF file, the ref-des are changed to a different font.

      What font type or settings does one use to get a what-you-see-is-what-you-get outcome in PDFs?


      Is there a font type that works well in both cases?


      I appreciate any input on this topic.


      Thank you,

      Sorin Stefan

      Evertz Microsystems

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          such a quiet community... almost depressing

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            Which font are you using?  If you are using VeriBest Gerber 0 or VeriBest Gerber 1, you don't see the width of the stroke until you run the silkscreen generator.  With the newer Gerber compatible fonts, like VF_STD you should see on screen pretty much what you will see in Gerber.  We are still using VeriBest Gerber 0 for silkscreen because we like how it displays zeros.  For assembly reference designators or text that doesn't get sent out as Gerber, we use Ariel

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              Hi Jeff,


              Thank you for breaking the ice

              We haven't decided yet what to use.

              For silkscreen I tried std_proportional but I don't get the exactly the same in the gerber, it's still a bit different.

              We don't use silkscreen generator, it's an extra step that I don't find necessary.

              For assy I tried Arial Narrow  but the PDFs don't look right.


              I may have to play with other output settings as well to get what I want.

              I just wanted to know what other more seasoned users did about fonts.


              thank you,


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                Hi Sorin,

                we use for gerber export "VF std-proportional", but for the PDFs we use "TT Arial"  and "TT Arial narrow".







                BR Michael

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                  It seems like this system periodically stops sending out notifications to email.

                  I'm busy so it usually takes me a couple of weeks to realize that nothing is coming from MG anymore,

                  and I have to physically come back to this site and login again to start getting notifications again.

                  (sorry for your frustration at slow response)


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                    I guess I am heading towards same setup, thank you for your input

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                      Hi Jack,

                      I have been used with much more lively forums many years ago. But it's ok, I will adjust.

                      As a rookie in Expedition, I may be too impatient to find out other designers' do-s and dont-s.