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Automation of Simulation

Question asked by vineethsankar on Mar 15, 2017

Dear All,


A lot of simulation is required for my designs(DDR3 & DDR4)  and save the eye patterns and overlap all address/Command/Control Signals to check all are within the limits (Setup and Hold time) in all cases(slow Weak, Typical and Fast Strong).

I would like to automate this process of simulating each nets and save the waveform in my required path, where I should be able to give my required nets and the frequency of simulation.

I don't want to go with batch simulation as it requires Mother board Controller specifications. We also simulate RDIMM, so controller doesn't come to picture.

Do we have any option for scripting to make simulation of selected nets. ?

Do any one here can help me on this ?

Thanks in advance.



Vineeth Sankarakutty