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    Insert function


      When I insert anything into a drawing,the figure is very small,the figure  reduce its size to about 1/25.Has anyone encountered the same problem?

      In the screenshot, the figure above is normal,the figure below is anormal.


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          Is this VeSys or Capital?

          Try to adjust settings under [Drawing - Set Grid Defaults].

          Otherwise under [Project Preferences - Diagram] there's Physical Scale, Grid Space, Grid Interval...



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                 In addition to jkleidou, It will also depend of the size/grid size you use to build your symbol in Capital Symbol.  Then, if the Symbol grid size in Capital Symbol is the same than your design Grid size, they will be matching.  Otherwise the symbol will be enlarged or reduced by the ratio you have between the 2 grid size.


                 Also, is it an Electrical Symbol or Comment Symbol?