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Reference Designator Re-assignment when using PRINTORDER with

Question asked by davide_palmisano on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by peter_festesen


the utility provided by John Due "Reference Designator Assignment based on schematic location" RefDesPrototype

for renumbering RefDes based on Page Number and componente location  was using the SHEET property below


Function RecordPage(c)

If c.SymbolBlock.SymbolType = VDB_ANNOTATE Then

  For Each a In c.Attributes

   If a.Name = "SHEET" Then

    sPageName = GetSheetName(c)

    Set Matches = RegExpPage.Execute(a.EitherValue)

    sSheetNum = RegExpPage.Replace(Matches(0), "$1")

    c.Parent.UserData(sPageNumUserData) = sSheetNum

   End If


Elseif c.SymbolBlock.SymbolType = VDB_COMPOSITE Then

  RecordBlockProperty c, Scripting.Globals("RefdesPrefixProperty"), dictPrefixProps

  RecordBlockProperty c, Scripting.Globals("RefdesSuffixProperty"), dictSuffixProps

  LoadBlockRefs c.SymbolBlock

End If

End Function


I tried replacing

If a.Name = "SHEET" Then with If a.Name = "PRINTORDER" Then


but the result I got is that sheet name is returned  and not the sheet number and, therefore, the script does not work as expected.

Any suggestion to update it when using @PRINTORDER?


Thanks in advance


Best regads