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    Cross reference on dangling nets


      We would like to use cross reference on dangling nets.

      I have read that this is no more supported in newer DxDesigner versions.

      Whats the reason for this? Why is this feature no more supported? Are there any plans to support it in the future or is there already any version which supports this?

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          There are no plans to add support for cross-referencing dangling nets, the new functionality is based on all nets having corresponding link symbols to allow 'hyperlinking' between nets that traverse the design. It is also important to add such links to ensure DRC can detect unintended connections or missing connections in designs created by multiple users working concurrently.

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            Thank you for your answer.

            So this is not a technical issue but a general design/handling decision?

            I'm wondering why mentor doesn't also still support cross references for dangling nets as this is imho a common use. I would appreciate to have the choice to use cross references on dangling nets or use your preferred solution.