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CAM Preview doesn't work (PADS Layout 9.3)

Question asked by brianpads on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by brianpads

I have a strange problem in CAM documents section, the "Preview" is not working!  I've been using PADS for years and have not had any problem like this until recently, when I upgraded to 9.3 from 9.2.  I had changed computers to a Windows 10 machine, and needed to install PADS on the new machine.  Mentor sent me the install files for v9.3.  I've been using 9.3 for awhile on the new machine, but only recently noticed the CAM Preview isn't working.  You click on the button and nothing happens!  Even with previous designs that worked just fine on the old computer.  The CAM documents appear to be generated just fine, and they can be sent to a printer just fine as well, but no preview.


Anyone else have this issue or know of a solution?  I regularly use the preview feature to verify the layers are looking the way I intend them to, before generating gerber files.

Please help!