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DXF Export Issue

Question asked by 45442de8-3723-98c9-0100-014ddc79e915 on Mar 24, 2017


I recently moved from 7.9.2 to Xpedition VX.2.1 .

I always used the DXF Export to generate a .dxf file that I manage with AUTOCAD to create documentation.

Since I moved to VX.2.1 I can't copy the objects from the .dxf file generated to another drawing or, viceversa, I can't import any object into the .dxf file.



When I try to copy something, AUTOCAD doesn't rise a real error, it just pops-up a message box to say that the copy does not work.



Does anybody experienced the same issue?

Any suggestion to fix it?



My Xpedition version is VX.2.1 and my AutoCAD version is LT 2016.