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    Naming Errors in Cal LVS


      Hello Folks!


      I'm seeing "Naming Errors" in my LVS report. It has a header like the one shown below , and then it is followed by certain INCORRECT NETS and so on.




        ne  = Naming Error (same layout name found in source

              circuit, but object was matched otherwise).



      Can anyone kindly throw some light on what really are "Naming Errors"? What is wrong with the Spice or GDS ? and What Calibre is trying to tell ? ;and most importantly how to debug these?


      Thanks a lot in advance!

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          That's just the "legend" area... it can be misleading. I think it was meant to help people understand what was meant by "ne" when it appeared lower in the discrepancy details.


          If there really was a naming error you should also see something like this near the cell results summary section in the LVS report:


            Warning:  Naming errors.


          And then in the information related to an actual discrepancy you would see the "ne" next to the name in the LVS report.

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            Thanks for the reply Chris.


            But in my report, when the LVS comes out clean; the 'Legend' section for naming errors is not seen. Hence I was wondering , whether the incorrect nets that follow this section was 'actually' due to this Naming error.


            But , in general , what do these Naming Errors indicate ? And Where should I looking to debug or fix them ?



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              Hi Jijesh,


              I see the legend displayed for incorrect runs even when there are no naming errors.  There aren't any naming errors unless you see the actual warning like this:


                Warning:  Naming errors.


              If you actually get a naming error, the details in the LVS report will help describe what is happening and then from there you will have something to go on. You can check that name (the one with the " ne " next to it) to see where it is in the source, and where it is in the layout, and make a decision about why that same name isn't being used in the same place in both the layout and source circuitry.