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Rookie User - Library question

Question asked by rocky&bulwinkle on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by rocky&bulwinkle

I am making minor modifications to an existing design.  Our work environment uses PADS VX.0 with netlist flow. 

I have copied the schematic and layout files but when doing an ECO compare to implement my minor changes I get a Netlist Errors Report that states the Part Types are not found in the Library for a large portion of the design.

1.  Is there a library from the original design work that did not get copied over?

2. Are all of the PADS Library Structure present - Part Type, CAE Decals, PCB Decals; but just need to be re associated?

3. I can probably find most of these parts in the Ultra Librarian, but then I will need to figure out how to associate the current schematic CAE decals and footprints PCB decals to the parts downloaded so that I don't have to reconnect the schematics and make adjustments to the layout.