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    area study


      is there a way to get the total area (total courtyards) used by all the components on a placed board?

      I just need it for my area study. it would be nice to know the area in advance while I'm still working

      on the schematic.

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          Have a look at the design status report.



          regards, Charles

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                           what is the "required area"? is this the total area of the courtyard w/o clearances (zero easement) or the area with clearance included already? thanks.

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              I have always used it as the total area of all the placement outlines. So it depends very much on how you have defined your components.


              Our parts have two placement outlines,  on that is exactly the same as the assembly outline (that also has the height included for 3D IDF),  and one

              placement outline that also includes all the pads, (height is zero).  I have no idea if it counts for both the outlines or not.



              The design Status report was already there when the software was called "Veribest Destination PCB".  (somewhere around the year 2000).  Did not see updates in this report.