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    Importing gerber from other CAD programm


      Hello all!


      I'm trying to import Gerber file generated from other programs into Mentor expedition, but I got a few problems with that procedure.


      First, when I try to import Gerber, I always got this error:

                "Unable to Find D-Code Definition for Flash at (X: 99279000, Y: 86452000) with D-Code (-1) in Gerber file ("BOT-CU. gdo)"


      Then I got my file imported, a new user layer is created, but all the net got a 0 width and all the pads disappear.


      I don't know where this error's from. I know that my Gerber data are generated as RS274X, so it could be imported in Mentor, no?


      I hope someone could help me with this problem.