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Importing gerber from other CAD programm

Question asked by vincent.aubry on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by vincent.aubry

Hello all!


I'm trying to import Gerber file generated from other programs into Mentor expedition, but I got a few problems with that procedure.


First, when I try to import Gerber, I always got this error:

          "Unable to Find D-Code Definition for Flash at (X: 99279000, Y: 86452000) with D-Code (-1) in Gerber file ("BOT-CU. gdo)"


Then I got my file imported, a new user layer is created, but all the net got a 0 width and all the pads disappear.


I don't know where this error's from. I know that my Gerber data are generated as RS274X, so it could be imported in Mentor, no?


I hope someone could help me with this problem.