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How to simulate board in thermo cabinet?

Question asked by l.schimmel on Apr 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

in order to evaluate Hyperlynx Thermo for our PCB development I want to recreate the results of a thermo analysis we did with one of our boards in a thermo cabinet.


My question is regarding the Environment Conditions in HL:

How do I properly set upt the analysis for a single board in the thermo cabinet? Here is what I would assume:


Board location: Single board with casing wall

System: Front and Back closed

Temperature of casing wall: Temperature in the Thermo cabinet (we test -40°C to 90°C)

Board spacing: Distance from the Board to the walls of the cabinet (I have yet to measure this properly)


Do I have to consider any special parameters for this setup?  Does the incoming Air temperature and velocity have any significant impact on the outcome of the simulation?




Thanks and regards