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xPCB Layout Layers question

Question asked by jcbell on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by john.valenta

Good Morning,

I am new to xPCB Layout.

I have designed a number of boards using Expedition PCB EE7.9.5 but am trying to find the same settings in the new xPCB Layout.


I am trying to change the number of layers of my board. The default template is 8 layers and I would like to change it to 4 layers.

In EE7.9.5 this was done in the Setup>Setup Parameters under the General Tab as shown below:


But when I try to do the same in the new xPCB Layout here is my view:


There is no setting to change the layer number and remap...

Please advise me on where this new setting may be located or what can be done to change the layer number.


Thanks in advance,