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    DxDsigner Link - Error


      Hi Sir,

      Before I used PADS ES 9.5, it works well. But when I re-install with floating license, (the floating license has no PADS ES, but have layout 125, DxDesigner 050, 075), I cannot open DxDesigner from PADS anymore. it shown DxDesign Link - Error, Could not find PADS Layout configuration file.


      Would you pls tell me how to solve?

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          That is not a common problem, so the first step is to run the configurator twice - once with the -clean switch to clear the registry, and then a second time to configure for PADS.


          Steps for running the configurator

          1. Click the Windows Start button > Run.  Type cmd, and then click OK to open a DOS window.
          2. In the steps that follow, you will be typing commands in the DOS window.  After typing each command press the enter key.
          3. In the DOS window, to ensure that the current working directory is on the the correct drive type
          4. In the DOS window save your environment variable settings by typing
            This will write a list of your environment variables into the file C:\env.txt. 
          5. Still in the DOS window, navigate to the win32 directory in the root of your Mentor Graphics installation.  For example:
            cd C:\MentorGraphics\win32
          6. Then type configurator -clean
            This will remove the registry settings, environment variable settings, and desktop icons for your Mentor Graphics installation.
          7. Then, in a new DOS window, type
            cd C:\MentorGraphics\win32

          This will restore your settings for the installation.  If you need to re-enter your license and/or WDIR environment variable settings in the process, you can refer to the file C:\env.txt saved in step 4.

          If that does not get you working, I suggest you raise a service request for further help.



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            Finally, I re-instal win7 then reinstal pads, now it works well.