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New Plugin for xDM Library

Question asked by austin.nabors-keating on Apr 20, 2017
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I am trying to create a new plugin in Mentor graphics. This plugin will be called by a button (characteristics ). The steps I am doing are as follows --

1) Created a Action Button Characteristics in xDM client.

2) I have setup eclipse and imported all the required library jar files as mentioned in the user guide " Xpedition® xDM Library Manual for API Developers xDM Library Services 00 and 300"

3) I am have created a new plugin project in eclipse.

4) Now I want to pull out the part information from xDM in my plugin. How to do that? I am not able to establish a connection between my plugin and xDM client. Can someone please help me go in the right direction and help me with a sample code.


The API says that we need to establish connection via this method OIHelper.createOIServerConnection(URL url). Can some one help me with the format of the url that xDM accepts. Where do I need to input user id and password to connect to xDM client and database.