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    Full-Scale Prints


      Hello all,


      My question is in regards to creating full-scale harness prints.


      Is there a way to easily create a full-scale print in Harness XC, without Form Board?

      How do you ensure that you maintain the 1:1 scale as the print is revised?


      Thank you.

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          Hi John,


          It will be really difficult to maintain the 1:1 scale without using FormboardXC.  HarnessXC didn't have enough constrain to avoid an erroneous move/manipulation. 


          The best way to keep it possible will be to place the bundle as per a 3D bridge out harness (From and ecad like Catia, NX or ProE), but the aspect ratio will not be guaranteed, or, you may create an Harness from a Full-Scale Topology (Topology build with the same 3D bridge technique). 


          Also, I know it is available in FormboardXC, but I never test on an HarnessXC, but you have a DRC that will check if the visual Length meet the real length.


          For the bundle size, you can create a plugin (API custom action) that will assign the graphical bundle line size with the same size than the bundle width.


          finally, I don't know basic tool in harnessxc that will check if your bundle bend radius is respected when you add an arc (important to respect bend radius on a formboard in order to didn't create bundle bird cage, or overform a curve, but you will not have this issue if all your bundle are straight or only have very light curve)



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            John, can you expand on why you are trying to create a 1:1 diagram?  Capital Formboard is the product that manages full-scale diagrams as well as providing functionality around Formboard specific tasks (e.g. fixture placement).

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              1:1 diagrams are required by our prototype harness supplier.

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                In that case you should be using Capital FormboardXC as it is explicitly developed for this purpose.