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    VeSys Version Compatability


      Hello,  I have two versions of VeSys installed on two different machines.


      Desktop has 2012.1.SP1412.17

      Laptop has    2016.1.SP1702.56


      I can export and import designs (.xml) from the older desktop version to the newer laptop version without issue. However when trying to go from the newer laptop to the older desktop,  Vesys gives the following error:    "Failed to Import Designs, to Import this file version 2016.1 is required...."   Similarly, we have a harness supplier who was running an older version of Capital Harness, but we were able to export "HX2ML" version from the laptop and they are able to import newer versions OK.  Trying this method on VeSys does not work, gives error "Failed to import designs ... file format is invalid".  


      Is there a "reverse compatibility" work-around for VeSys like there was Capital?


      Thank you in advance,